Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald

Morghew Park Estate

Morghew Park Estate
Smallhythe Road
TN30 7LR

Tel: 01580 763158

Email: potatoshop@morghew.com
Web: www.morghew.com



We grow several thousand tons of wheat every year at Morghew, we have now made some available to our honesty stall customers to feed their poultry. The wheat is available all year round from the Potato Shop honesty stall in 20kg sacks – current price £6 a sack. These sacks of wheat are popular with our local poultry keepers and are proving to be a big seller!
Help yourself to the wheat off of our stall, place your money or cheque in the envelope marked wheat and put through the letterbox. What could be simpler?
The sacks are stitched so are unlikely to leak in your car. You can reverse up to the stall so there is not too far to carry them. Our staff members are usually around to help carry the sacks or give change if needed.
We hope to be able to introduce oats and barley for sale in this way soon.



As a product of our woodland management we have 3 different types of firewood for sale on our honesty stall: small logs especially cut to fit into your wood burners or fire grates, Oak logs and general purpose logs. Next to the boxes are a set of scales – place your chosen logs into the scales until they tip – this equals 25kg. Being able to buy in small quantities in this way has been popular when there has been an unexpected drop in temperature! You can then load direct into the boot of your car. You can buy as many loads as will fit into the boot of your car! Our logs are topped up regularly throughout the day so they are always available.
Many people bring their own sacks/bags to protect the boot of their car; we usually have old potato sacks that can be recycled for this purpose; small charge will be made for using our new sacks. The logs are available from 8am-4pm. Prices: from £5/25kg.



David Carr is the Shoot Captain at The Morghew Shoot. He runs excellent shoot days for any roving syndicate, corporate team, or group of friends that want a day or evening shooting on the estate.

The estate covers approximately 2000 acres and is ring fenced (not crossed by any public roads). Dykes provide natural boundaries on our marshland. The scenery is unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful, consisting of traditional Wealden upland, small fields bordered by hawthorn hedges with mature Oak stands interspersed. We have ancient woodland totaling approximately 150 acres – a lot of which contain steep sided gullies – this allows the shoot to show some impressively high birds. The woods are flanked by cover crops.

The following are available:

• Formal Driven days.

• Walked up mixed days.

• Evening duck flighting.

• Pigeon days.



Morghew Park Estate offers Members Only private Angling Syndicate. Syndicate numbers will be controlled so the riverbank will never be crowded. The Reading and Newmill channels offer over 3 miles of riverbank to fish – there is also a ¾ acre lake to fish just behind the riverbank. The water contains Carp to 25lbs, a few Mirror Carp, Pike to 30lbs, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and a few Chubb. Take a look at the website for joining details and subscription fees.