Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald

Thumbelina The Enchanted Toy Shop

17a High Street
TN30 6BN

Tel: 01580 763303

Email: sales@thumbelinatoys.co.uk
Web: www.thumbelinatoys.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ThumbelinaToys
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Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: Closed 


Enchanted Toy Shop

Thumbelina, The Enchanted Toy Shop is going to celebrate its first birthday in summer 2011. The story of Thumbelina is quite romantic. In August 2008 Kelly McLaughlin and her husband on their wedding anniversary were walking hand in hand down the High Street of an old English town when they spotted a delightful toy shop. It inspired them to open the same shop in an old market town. They researched the art of selling quality wooden toys for two years before starting it in Tenterden which is perfect for the format – quaint, charming and attracts abundance of people with its nice branded shops. It took Thumbelina no time to win the hearts of locals and visitors; the shop is very busy, especially on Saturdays and holidays.


Aladdin's Cave

Thumbelina is not only family run – it is family oriented. Kids’ faces are set alight as soon as they enter the shop. It fascinates them like Aladdin’s cave with a plethora of wonderful things. Children can play here, enjoy themselves, they can touch anything. A helping hand is always ready to give you advice.


Toys for newborns, children and older

Thumbelina captures the imaginations of both children and adults alike. Adults are often smitten and taken back to their own childhood by the rubber-band airplanes, marbles, wooden stilts – to name but a few; and they simply have no trouble finding gifts here – for example, they love to treat their nearest and dearest to beautiful wooden animals, party games and fancy stationary. Musical boxes and stuffed collector’s toys like Paddington Bear are also among grown-ups’ favourites.



Old-fashioned toys are always popular, because they are timeless. Play food, collector’s toys such as doll’s houses and train sets. Fancy dresses for boys and girls (up to 12) never cease to impress.


Swimming Pools for kids

In summer, it's great to make a splash in your own swimming pool! We offer superb quality swimming pools for kids aged up to 10. There are paddling pools, that need to be inflated, and also snap pools, the ones that do not need to be inflated, they are a medium size, and great if you need to get them up in a hurry


Home Accessories for kids

We have lots of colourful and useful things -and they are not only for your nursery. Our Enchanted Shop is full of surprises : spruce up your home with Thumbelina's permanent calendars, use our eco-friendly Dynamo torches shipped from France. Elegance meets practicality with our durable and safe melamine tableware.



We stock a good range interactive and educational children's books and baby's first soft books.


New arrivals

Thumbelina stock products from across the country as well as across the globe to satisfy its clients. People kept asking for weaving looms and embroidery packs – they are now available.  Another hit is Fuzzy- feltz; they come in different packs and are going to make all the family happy.



Dan, New Romney: Here’s every toy your toddler can chew safely. And their ropey stringy tails never untangle.
Jane, Rolvenden: My son is literally enchanted with his toys from Thumbelina, can play quietly for hours. It’s better than any babysitter.

Thumbelina Toy Shop

Thumbelina Toy Shop

So many toys ...

Thumbelina Toy Shop

Upstairs at the Toy Shop

Thumbelina Toy Shop Dressing Up

Dressing up for little girls