Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald

St Mildred's Church Tenterden

TN30 6AR

web: www.tenterdencofe.org

St Mildred's is a stunning medieval church whose imposing tower dominates the town's skyline. Most of the building dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

The Reverend Canon Lindsay John Hammond
The Vicarage, Church Road, Tenterden
Tel: 01580 761591
Email: tentvic@gmail.com
Day off: Friday

Associate Vicar:
The Revd Margaret Roylance
5 Southgate Road, Tenterden
Tel. 01580 762332
Email: johnsroylance@gmail.com
Day off: Tuesday

The Revd Eileen Harrop
The Vicarage, Ashford Road, St Michaels
Tel: 01580 441069
Email: ekgharrop@gmail.com
Day off: Friday

The Revd Judith Shaw,
Banks House, Smallhythe TN30 7NG
Tel: 01580 763468
Email: Shawmalthouse@aol.com
Day off: Friday

Church Administrator
Mike Boughton
Tel: 01580 241610 and 07815 660307
Email: mikeprb20@btinternet.com

Pew News Editor
Tara Smith
Tel: 01580 764783

Children’s Minister
Shirley Docker
Tel: 01233 733772
Email: shirleydocker@aol.com

Baptism Co-ordinator
Karen Edgar
Tel: 01580 762838
Email: kassinteriors@aol.com

Wedding Co-ordinator
Annette Parkin
Tel: 01580 766245
Email: netti_parkin@hotmail.com

Acting Webmaster
Neil de Villiers 
Tel: 01580 765868

Church Halls Administrator
Anne Alexander
Tel: 07873 579581
Email: stmildredshall@hotmail.co.uk

Who's Who at St Mildred's Church
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Seeing Christ in the world!
Being Christ in the world!



If you are a visitor to our churches, or trying us out for the first time, we’d like to welcome you. This leaflet has information about church events, and people to contact. Please do introduce yourself to one of the members of our welcoming teams.

If you are a new member of our churches and would like to meet one of the ministers for a coffee and a chat, then do complete the relevant section on the last page of this leaflet. If you are a seasoned member of our congregations, do say hello to those who may be new.

You are very welcome to stay for refreshments after the 9.30am service at St Mildred’s and the 10am service at St Michael’s.


Today’s readings will include one or more of the following: Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24 (p.865); Ephesians 1:15-end (p.1173); Matthew 25:31-end (p.995). The page numbers are those of the St Mildred’s pew bibles.


Tenterden Mothers’ Union is once again supporting the global Mother’s Union 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Held every year, from the 25th November until the 10th December, raises international awareness of violence against women and girls. Violence against women and girls is any act of violence that results in harm, suffering or indignity to women. Violence is 'gender-based' when it is directed against a woman because she is a woman, or when it affects women disproportionately. It can include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse; harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation; and mass acts of violence such as rape by combatants in war. It is estimated that between 23 to 37 per cent of women across the world experience violence, and it happens regardless of class, race, religion or age. 

Where equality and respect are displaced by a culture of violence, human relationships are distorted. God’s command is to love our neighbour as ourselves. Where this is followed there will be no place for violence against anyone, women or girls, men or boys. If you would like to join our MU and support the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence through your prayers, then please do ask Wendy Stevenson (763695) for a prayer leaflet.

Volunteers are needed to promote the work of the FoodBank during Tesco’s Neighbourhood Food Drive from Thursday to Saturday from 9am-9pm. Two hour slots are preferred but this can be flexible. Volunteers would stand in the entrance hall to Tesco and give out leaflets and receive donations. If you can help, please contact Chris Norman at chrisnorman@children-families.org , or call 01233 500477 or mobile 07790 435553.

Many of you will know that we are launching the Tenterden Credit Union next spring. There will be a meeting to explain it all in St Mildred’s Church on Tuesday at 7pm. Come along and find out more. There are no strings attached!

This Saturday, Neville Emslie from the Diocese of Canterbury will be coming to Tenterden to help us understand more about St Mark’s Gospel. Mark will be the gospel we will read at our Sunday services throughout the new church year that begins on Advent Sunday. We begin at St Andrew’s Church with a breakfast at 8.30am and the session will end around 12.30pm. The cost will be £7. Book through Lindsay.

On Saturday, the supremely talented cooks from St John's will be serving piping hot soup in St Mildred's Church Hall from noon until 2pm. And if that's not sufficient for you, you can then indulge in a Ploughman's. All served with a cheery smile and a merry quip! The money raised will go to St John's.

There will be a special service to begin the Tenterden Christmas Lights Switch On Ceremony in St Mildred’s Church on Saturday at 4.30pm. The following day (Sunday 30th November), the St Michael’s Christmas Lights Switch On Ceremony begins with a special service in St Michael’s Church at 4pm.

The stunning voice of Ross Hardman will set St Mildred's alight on Saturday night with some well-known and much loved songs.  The concert begins at 7.30pm and the money raised will go to the Friends of St Mildred's. Buy your tickets from Stuart Kirk (764899 / stuart@tenterdenphotography.co.uk ).


Next Sunday we celebrate the First Sunday in Advent and the services will be as follows: 8am Holy Communion (St Mildred’s); 9.30am The Eucharist (St Mildred’s); 10am The Eucharist (St Michaels); 11.15am Holy Communion (St John’s); 4pm St Michael’s Switch On Service (St Michael’s); 6pm Advent Carol Service (St Mildred’s). The readings will include one or more of the following: Isaiah 64:1-9; 1 Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:24-37.

Next Sunday, Jacob Vince will be baptised at St Mildred’s at 12.30pm.

Next Sunday, we begin the season of Advent and celebrate with a special Advent Carol Service at St Mildred’s at 6pm.  Come and explore the significance of this time of Advent and sing some wonderful Advent hymns.


On Friday 5th December we will open St Mildred’s and offer winter pimms and other seasonal refreshments to the late night shoppers. Can you donate mince pies and sausage rolls so that we can dispense hospitality to visitors to St Mildred’s? If so, please let Sarah Crouch know (766973 / mrsscrouch@gmail.com )

The next Prayer Tent will be pitched in St Michael’s Church on Friday 5th December at 7pm. If you can combine Late Night Shopping with Prayer Tent that would be great. There are many issues at present that need holding in prayer: the introduction of both a Credit Union and Food Bank here, and the factors that will lead people to use them. We will also pray about initiatives to help the housebound and lonely over the Christmas, and projects involving our young people. If you are unable to attend this particular Prayer Tent, you might like to include these concerns in your own prayers.

Every so often we supplement the work of the St Mildred's cleaning teams with an 'all hands on deck' assault on the church. The next one will be on Saturday 6th December, from 10am until noon. This will save the cleaning team that week from bearing sole responsibility for getting things nice and tidy after a busy Late Night Shopping. Can you come along to lend a hand? Lindsay says he'll provide posh biscuits!

On Saturday 13th December, Kent Police Male Voice Choir are back to start Christmas with a song.  The concert, in aid of Pilgrim Hospices, will be in St Mildred’s, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 to include a glass of wine & are available from Teri Witcher 01580 763892 and Vicki Dodds (764061 / doddsied@aol.com ).


Please make sure that your filled shoeboxes are left in St Mildred’s by Tuesday 25th November, ready for collection and distribution. If you have any queries, please contact Liz Parker (765203).

Have you ever thought about being confirmed? Have you ever wondered what confirmation is all about? Would you like to think about confirmation in 2015? If so, then why not get in touch with one of our team of ministers? We are seeking candidates for confirmation and will begin preparation sessions early in the New Year. We will explain what it's all about and then leave you to decide whether or not it is for you.

Churches Together in Tenterden has moved into a new phase with the drawing up of a formal constitution. We need a secretary and a treasurer! Does anyone feel like finding out more? If so, contact Lindsay.

For more information, and the daily parish prayer calendar, visit our website: www.tenterdencofe.org . If you would like a copy of the parish prayer calendar, please contact Lindsay, or download.


Who's Who

 Updated 14 September 2014



Canon Lindsay Hammond
The Vicarage, Church Road, Tenterden

01580 761591

Associate Vicar

The Revd Margaret Roylance
5 Southgate Road, Tenterden

01580 762332


The Revd Eileen Harrop
The Vicarage, Ashford Road, St Michaels

01580 441069


The Revd Judith Shaw
Banks House, Smallhythe TN30 7NG

01580 763468

Church Administrator

Mike Boughton

01580 241610

Church Webmaster (acting)

Neil de Villiers

01580 765868

Methodist Minister

The Revd Peter Hills
Windover, Beacon Oak Road, Tenterden

01580 762315

Assistant Clergy

Canon Peter Brett
3 Appledore Road, Tenterden

The Revd John Emmott
58 Grange Crescent, St Michaels

01580 761794

01580 762092

Lay Readers

Doreen Brandon
Ann Robertson 

01580 765496
01580 764219

Pastoral Assistant, Verger & Wedding Co-ordinator

Annette Parkin

01580 766245

Children's Lay Minister

Shirley Docker

01233 733772

Baptism Co-ordinator

Karen Edgar

01580 762838

Child Protection Officer

Jenny Webb

01580 765721

Choir Director and Assistant Organist
St Mildred’s

Michael Freer

01580 765786

Choir Director
St Michael’s

Tracey Laws

01233 820298

St Mildred’s
St Michael’s
St John the Baptist
Methodist Church

Geoffrey Davison, A.R.C.M.
Ed Adams
Michael Freer
George Rippon

01580 241685
01580 766287
01580 765786
01233 860244

Church Wardens
St Mildred’s

St Michael’s

St John the Baptist

Sarah Crouch
Rob Easto

Lindsay Roberts
Raymond Crawford
Jill Hutchinson
Tony Butler

01580 766973
01233 850960

01580 762326
01580 762967
01580 241171
01580 763970

Church Stewards
Methodist Church

Elva Bains
Sylvia Dalgarno
Janet Pritchett

01580 762285
01580 764981
01580 291771

St Mildred’s
St Michael’s

St John the Baptist
Methodist Church

Douglas Fuller
Peter Goodwin
John Farthing
Ray Chatfield
Christine Endersby

01580 762567
01580 765728
01580 762026
01580 763099
01580 764046

Gift Aid Secretaries
St Mildred’s Church
St Michael’s Church
Methodist Church

Graham Maple
Goran Nilsson
Ken Saunders

01580 765728
07770 942611
01580 765668

St Mildred's
Sunday Club 3-10 yrs

Shirley Docker

01233 733772

Emanate Youth Club



Mother’s Union

Wendy Stevenson

01580 763695

Bible Reading Fellowship

Jo Iggulden
John Farthing

01580 764833
01580 762026

The Magazine
Joint Editors

Huw Crouch
Neil de Villiers
John Hyde

01580 766973
01580 765868
01233 646966

The Magazine
Committee Members

Lindsay Hammond
Eileen Harrop
Christine Inskip
Glen Peacock
Emma Isworth
Elsie Phythian
Philip Shaw
Monica Walton

01580 761591
01580 441069
01580 764227
01580 765518
01580 762154
01580 765488
01580 763468
01580 763927

Magazine Distribution

Anne & Chris Cheesman

01580 762573

Magazine Advertising

Lynne Thwaite

01580 766953

Church Hall Bookings
St Mildred’s Church Hall
Methodist’s Rooms

Anne Alexander (after 5pm)
Sylvia Dalgarno

07873 579581
01580 764981

Bell Ringers

Sue Childs

01580 761157

Flower Arrangers

Pam Coleman

01580 764620


Maureen and Glen Peacock

01580 762154

Pew News Editor

Tara Smith

01580 764783

St Mildreds Church Tenterden

St Mildred's Church, Tenterden

St Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church Tenterden

Photos: Stuart Kirk, Photographer www.tenterdenphotography.co.uk