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St Mildred's is a stunning medieval church whose imposing tower dominates the town's skyline. Most of the building dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

The Reverend Canon Lindsay John Hammond
The Vicarage, Church Road, Tenterden
Tel: 01580 761591
Email: tentvic@gmail.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TenterdenVicar

Associate Vicar:
The Revd Margaret Roylance
5 Southgate Road, Tenterden
Tel. 01580 762332
Email: johnsroylance@gmail.com

The Revd Judith Shaw,
Banks House, Smallhythe TN30 7NG
Tel: 01580 763468
Email: Shawmalthouse@aol.com

Children’s Minister
Shirley Docker
Tel: 01233 733772
Email: shirleydocker@aol.com

Church Administrator
Tara Smith
Tara can be contacted on 01580 765414 on Tuesday and Thursday, between 1pm and 5pm, or on
01580 764783 at other times

Safeguarding Co-ordinators
St Mildred's
Jackie Grant
Tel: 01580 762731               
Email: jackiegrantchurch@gmail.com

St Michael’s
Kate Harper
Tel: 01580 761591                      
Email: tentvic@gmail.com

St John’s
Emma Isworth
Tel: 01580 765518
Email: e.isworth57@gmail.com

Who's Who at St Mildred's Church
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 Pew News





Seeing Christ in the world!
Being Christ in the world!



Today’s readings will include one or more of the following: Acts 16.16-34 (p.1112); Revelation 22.12-14, 16-17, 20-21 (p.1250); John 17.20-26 (p.1085). The page numbers are those of the St Mildred’s pew bibles.

Today, at St Mildred’s, we publish the banns of marriage for the second time between Michael Arthur Allen Webb and Karina Megan Brunger, both of the parish of St Michael and All Angels, Kingsnorth; and between Daniel John Pearson and Maryann Matthews, both of the parish of St Mildred, Tenterden. At St John’s we publish the banns of marriage between Anthony Alan Foster and Jacqueline Rennie, both of the parish of St John, Smallhythe, also for the second time.

There will be a sale of fair trade products (including delicious chocolate, pretty jewellery, purses, cotton bags, cards, and rubber gloves), during coffee in St Mildred’s Church Hall after the 9.30am service today. Last month's proceeds amounted to £182.50. Jill has also sent £17.32 to Traidcraft from the proceeds of the change box.

We will be joined at Create Space tonight by Marilyn Baker and Tracey Williamson, who will bring a message of hope and the assurance of God's love through song, word and testimony. Come along to St Mildred’s Church Hall at 6pm to hear them.



This year, the diocese invites us to keep nine days of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost (6th – 14th May). The theme is Conversations at the Crossroads. A special pocket booklet to accompany the nine days is available in our churches and we are using the prayer materials at Morning Prayer in St Mildred’s each day. If you would like a copy of the prayer material, let Lindsay know.

The images in the pocket booklet this year are painted by artist Adam Boulter and draw us in to imagine the experiences of biblical characters whose ability to be open to God and respond in the moment took them down unexpected roads. So often it is difficult to imagine biblical characters to be like us, and therefore to make connections between what they were learning about God and what we are. Adam takes us to new places with these stories that are so fundamental to our faith journeys and helps us to see them anew- so we can experience God anew. Our diocesan journey between Ascension and Pentecost is a ‘waiting’ journey. Like the first disciples in Jerusalem we are waiting for the promise of God, not knowing how this will make itself known. The images and prayers help us to wait with one another and with God, to be met and challenged, and to take decisions that lead to an enriching of God’s world. What are the conversations that God wants to have with us as individuals and churches that will set a more transforming future in motion?


Morning Prayer will be said in St Mildred’s every day from Monday to Friday at 9am.


Our parent and toddler group, Millies, meet in the Glebe Hall as usual from 9am until 11.30am. If you can help on a Monday, please have a word with Shirley (01233 733772).

The funeral of Veronica Smith is held in St Mildred’s Church at 11am.

The St Mildred’s Church bellringers practise at 7.30pm. Why not pop up, take a peek and see if you’d like to learn?


The funeral of Ray Chatfield takes place in St John’s Church at 2pm.

The next meeting of the Mothers' Union is held in the Church Hall at 10am for 10.30am. We welcome Linda Guest who will demonstrate arrangements using flowers from her garden. The arrangements will be raffled in aid of Diocesan funds.


Holy Communion is celebrated in St Michael’s Church at 11am.

St Mildred’s hosts this year’s Ashford Archdeaconry Visitation Service at 7.30pm. During the service, churchwardens are sworn in as officers of the Bishop, and PCC members and welcomers are admitted to office. We welcome Archdeacon Philip and churchwardens and PCC members from neighbouring churches.


Holy Communion is celebrated in St Mildred’s Church at 11am.

St Michael’s and St Mildred’s church choirs rehearse on Thursdays at 7pm (alternate Thursdays at St Michael’s, so ring Lindsay to make sure it’s the right week). If you’d like to join then contact Lindsay.


Just the Ticket Memory Café is open from 10.30am until 12.30pm in the Refreshment Room at Tenterden Railway Station.


The team heading out to Romania with Cry in the Dark this summer is hold a fundraising White Elephant Sale in St Mildred’s Church Hall from 9.30am until 4pm. Please empty your cupboards and donate anything you think would be sellable. Contact Terry Norrington (terry.norrington@btinternet.com  / 07711 177726).

Healing the Paralysed Parts of Me is the theme of a Christian Day of Healing in Zion Baptist Church from 10am until 4pm. Led by The Reverend Sarah Chapman, the Diocesan Adviser in Healing and Wholeness, the day explores the aspects of us that remain paralysed and need healing love to bring us to a place of freedom. A light lunch is provided. There’s no set cost to the day but donations are welcome. To book, contact Tara (details below).


The services will be as follows: 8am Holy Communion (St Mildred's); 9.30am The Eucharist (St Mildred's); 10am The Eucharist (St Michael's); 11am Service to mark the Queen's Birthday (Recreation Ground); 11.15am Matins (St John's);  6pm Choral Evensong.



The next Wednesday Lunch Club is held in St Mildred’s Church Hall on the 18th May at 12.30pm. There’s no need to book, but for more info, ring Mary (240767).


On June 7th the AGM of Canterbury Diocese Mothers' Union will be held in St Paul's Church, Canterbury at 10.30am. For more information, ring Wendy Stevenson (763495)


The next Messy Breakfast Church sizzles on the grill in Tenterden Junior School on Saturday 21st May, from 9am until 10.30am. Turn up and leave when you like and be nourished on fun, food and faith.


Kent Chamber Choir comes to St Mildred’s on Saturday 21st May and presents Songs of Celebration – music both sacred and secular, from Shakespeare’s songs to modern melodies – to raise money for Canterbury Oast Trust. Tickets cost £15 (£10 for under 16s) and include wine and a programme. Contact 01233 861508.


On Tuesday 24th May, at 7pm, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) unveil the results of a feasibility study of how one of the largest indoor spaces in the town could be designed to meet the needs of the congregation and the wider Tenterden community without compromising a place of worship which is so well loved by visitors and local people alike. The presentation begins a series of consultations for the St Mildred’s congregation and the whole town. This will enable local people to discuss and comment upon the proposed changes. The PCC will review the comments and suggestions made, amend their ideas as appropriate, and move forward to a detailed design and construction phase. Any comments or questions please contact Lindsay.


The next Sunday lunch for those who live alone, is served in St Mildred’s Church Hall on Sunday 5th June at 12.30pm. To book a place, please add your name to the list at the cross aisle in St Mildred’s, or ring Cathie Aldis (765845).



Gail Clarkson has 28 girls in her form group at school who are keen to learn to knit and so provide scarves and blankets for refugees and those who are homeless. Knitting will also keep the girls busy at lunchtimes! If you have any needles or wool that would get them going, or have the time or inclination to pop over to Hastings to help them cast on/off (is that the technical term?) then please contact Gail (07971 531870).


We are blessed to have a wide range of Home Groups, meeting at various times, each with their own ethos.  Please contact Tara is you are interested in joining one.


Copy for Pew News should be sent to Tara by 5pm on Tuesday of each week. Tara can be contacted on 01580 765414 on Wednesday and Thursday, between 12pm and 4pm, or on 01580 764783 at other times or by email at: parishoffice.tenterden@gmail.com


Who's Who

 Updated January 2016



Rev Canon Lindsay Hammond
The Vicarage
Church Road
Tenterden TN30 6AT

01580 761591

Associate Vicar

The Revd Margaret Roylance
5 Southgate Road
Tenterden TN30 7BS

01580 762332


The Revd Judith Shaw
Banks House
Smallhythe TN30 7NG

01580 763468

Church Webmaster

Neil de Villiers

01580 765868

Methodist Minister

The Revd Paul Dean 

01233 879358

Assistant Clergy

The Revd Canon Peter Brett
3 Appledore Road
Tenterden TN30 7AY

The Revd John Emmott
58 Grange Crescent
St Michaels TN30 6DZ

01580 761794

01580 762092

Lay Readers

Doreen Brandon
Ann Robertson
Dick Warren 

01580 765496
01580 764219
01580 761688

Children's Lay

Shirley Docker

01233 733772

Parish Administrator

Tara Smith
Tues&Thurs 1-5pm
At other times

01580 765414
01580 764783

Baptism and
Wedding Enquiries

Tara Smith
Tues&Thurs 1-5pm
At other times

01580 765414
01580 764783

Parish Safeguarding
St Mildred's
St Michael's
St John the Baptist

Jackie Grant
Kate Harper
Emma Isworth

01580 762731
01580 761591
01580 765518

Choir Director and
Assistant Organist

St Mildred’s

Michael Freer

01580 765786

Choir Director
St Michael’s

Tracey Laws

01233 820298

St Mildred’s
St Michael’s
St John the Baptist
Methodist Church

Geoffrey Davison, ARCM
Ed Adams
Michael Freer
George Rippon

01580 241685
01580 766287
01580 765786
01233 860244

Church Wardens
St Mildred’s

St Michael’s

St John the Baptist

Sarah Crouch
Rob Easto

Lindsay Roberts
Raymond Crawford
Jill Hutchinson
Tony Butler

01580 766973
01233 850960

01580 762326
01580 762967
01580 241171
01580 763970

Church Stewards
Methodist Church

Elva Bains
Sylvia Dalgarno
Janet Pritchett
Stuart and Patricia Marshall

01580 762285
01580 764981
01580 291771
01580 850746

St Mildred’s
St Michael’s

St John the Baptist
Methodist Church

Douglas Fuller
Peter Goodwin
John Farthing 
Stephanie Butler 
Christine Endersby

01580 762567
01580 765728
01580 762026
01580 763970
01580 764046

Gift Aid Secretaries
St Mildred’s Church
St Michael’s Church
St John The Baptist

Methodist Church

Graham Maple
Goran Nilsson
Stephanie Butler 
Ken Saunders

01580 765728
07770 942611
01580 763970

01580 765668

St Mildred's
Sunday Club 3-10 yrs

Shirley Docker

01233 733772

Emanate Youth Club

Contact the Vicar


Mother’s Union

Wendy Stevenson

01580 763695

Bible Reading

Jo Iggulden
John Farthing

01580 764833
01580 762026

The Magazine
Joint Editors

Huw Crouch
Neil de Villiers
John Hyde

01580 766973
01580 765868
01233 646966

The Magazine
Committee Members

Lindsay Hammond
Glen Peacock
Emma Isworth
Philip Shaw

01580 761591
01580 765518
01580 762154
01580 763468


Anne & Chris Cheesman

01580 762573

Magazine Advertising

Lynne Thwaite

01580 766953

Church Hall Bookings
St Mildred’s Church Hall
Methodist’s Rooms

Anne Alexander (after 5pm)
Sylvia Dalgarno

07873 579581
01580 764981

Bell Ringers

Sue Childs

01580 761157

Flower Arrangers

Pam Coleman

01580 764620


Maureen and Glen Peacock

01580 762154

Pew News Editor

Tara Smith

01580 764783

St Mildreds Church Tenterden

St Mildred's Church, Tenterden

St Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church TenterdenSt Mildreds Church Tenterden

Photos: Stuart Kirk, Photographer www.tenterdenphotography.co.uk