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Tenterden Town website

Provided by the Tenterden Chamber of Commerce for community

The Tenterden Town community website regularly attracts a significant number of visitors every month (October 2014:  23,797 unique visitors, 45,595 visitors, 488,976 pages loaded 1,620,878 hits). For a small town we think this is impressive.

The website was initially funded by Tenterden Improved to provide a community website for the town with every aspect of Tenterden life all under one umbrella. The website is now paid for and run by the Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce.

Many people in Tenterden give their time freely to keep this website up to date to help businesses in the town and surrounding areas, for the benefit of the people of Tenterden, the community in general and for visitors and potential visitors to enjoy our town. If you would like to help the Chamber of Commerce keep the website up to date please contact us here www.tenterdentown.co.uk/contact-us/email-chamber-of-commerce , we particularly welcome people with copywriting skills, website skills, and historical and research knowledge, and anyone who is enthusiastic about our town.


Website Stats

The Tenterden Town website has grown enormously in size since going live in its present form in June 2010. Prior to June 2010 the website was composed of about 20 static webpages but now has hundreds of dynamic pages.

Visitors come from all over the world however visitors from Great Britain consistently make up the bulk of the visitors to the website.


Website Visitors to October 2014

Tenterden website visitors to October 2014