Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald


We regularly receive testimonials about the Tenterden and the Tenterden Town website www.tenterdentown.co.uk . Here are a few of them. Any names we have used are with the permission of the people concerned.


The Bull Rolvenden
June 2013

Now proud members of the Chamber or Commerce and fully in support of the fantastic 'Love Tenterden' scheme. We hope to be as active as possible within the Chamber, and I have to say from what I see so for far, the social media side in addition to their website, is very impressive. Comparatively to other areas, I think Tenterden Town's twitter & facebook are brilliantly active & supportive.


Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street
10 January 2013

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street

Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street
27 December 2012

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street

Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street
22 November 2012

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street

Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street
9 November 2012

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street 

Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street
30 October 2012

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street

Trip Advisor Report on Tenterden High Street 
26 October 2012

Trip Advisor Reports on Tenterden High Street 

Tenterden Holidaymaker
July 2012

Our holiday was as enjoyable as the last one and again we took local produce on board! Our larder now contains Kent cider and wine also local cheeses and air dried saltmarsh lamb.We loved the independent shops in the town and tried out the Wine Kitchen for lunch on Friday.   I have told all our friends about the town, the friendly people and the scenery so you can expect some more tourists to arrive!   


Visitor to Tenterden
June 2012

We are spending a week in your delightful town from 30th June. It was a pleasure to use such an informative website. It has enabled us to get the most out of our holiday. This is the second time we have stayed in the area which is a wonderful place for people like us who enjoy good local food and wine!


Gary Bodle
Investment Choices, Tenterden
18 June 2012

Tenterden Town website www.tenterdentown.co.uk I never cease to be amazed by the output from our local Chamber. As there is no output without input - It means a small band of dedicated local business people are putting in a lot of energy to keep us all upto date and to improve the business environment for tenterden. Keep up the excellent work, it is much appreciated!


Tenterden Tourist
6 June 2012

We want to thank you and the Chamber of Commerce for the enjoyable entertainment that you arranged for Tenterden, especially on Friday 1 June for Juiblee ... please convey our thanks to the Chamber of Commerce.


Judith Turk (Chairman) as the representative of the TDTA
Tenterden & District Twinning Association
March 2012

Just a few lines on behalf of our group to thank you for your most interesting talk about the Tenterden web site [www.tenterdentown.co.uk] and in particular the webpage that you have created for us. I must say I didn't realise just how much information there was on the web site and I can well see why you devote so much of your time and effort to keep the site up to date.  You and your colleagues deserve a medal. Thank you so much for our webpage. I know that several members were most interested in the content and the fact that we can advertise all our coming events will be so helpful and hopefully will spread the word.


David Ball, member of the public
High Halden
20 January 2012

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that this whole website [www.tenterdentown.co.uk] is absolutely first class. Slick,  non-gimmicky, snappy, up-to-date, relevant, easy to navigate, and an example to all website designers. Why isn't every site like this? Please pass my congratulations on to the webmaster/designer.


Andy and Wendy Thomas
The Oast Bed & Breakfast in Wittersham

Having only started in March we have been amazed by the response and impressed at the amount of guests that have come to us from the Tenterden site.


Member of the Public

Really up to date, snappy, easy to navigate and user friendly


Potential visitor to Tenterden

This is an excellent web site. A model for other towns of your size. Makes me want to come back again and again.


Local catering business with own website

“I just wanted to say that I have been involved in the creation and development of several business websites and I am very impressed with all you’ve managed to do with www.tenterdentown.co.uk . To achieve the Google listings in the way you do for the site and associated members is wonderful”


Local Tenterden Shop with small website of their own

“It is really great thank you so much”


Local Tenterden business with own website

"I would just like to say a massive thanks for everything that you have done for me so far. From my website previously being pages and pages into Google's search results it is now on the first and second pages AND when I type "---" in I come up instantly on those pages. As a result of your hard work I had someone call me yesterday enquiring about "---"  because they found me on Google so thanks again. So to give you a big head, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you."


Local Group with community webpage on this site

"Thought you would like to know:   I had a phone call from someone who is about to organise a website for "---", saying he had a look at our webpage and thought it was the best one on the "---" website and that it was a good idea to place it on the 'back of' Tenterden.  Anyway I said it was you we had to thank for this and it was you who approached us, so I have left him with that at the moment,  but he praised your work on the website so I thought I'd let you know."


Local Group with community webpage on this site

“Without doubt - I think it is really something to be proud of, and we are proud too to think we have one of the best so it works for us both - thank you”


Local Group with community webpage on this site

As soon as we went onto the website we had lots of enquiries from potential new members