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Tenterden Community Emergency Plan

The Tenterden Community Emergency Plan is now live


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What is it?

Encouraged by central government, Kent County Council, Ashford Borough Council and Tenterden Town Council, a group of local volunteers has formed a steering group  to plan how to cope with and recover from a range of emergency situations – storms (remember 1987!), snow and ice in winter, power outages, etc.  This planning would not try to substitute for the “blue light” emergency services, but would be to provide “on the ground” support for the community in case of an emergency, so that resources and vulnerabilities are identified in advance and can be used and protected at short notice if needed.

Such emergency planning needs to involve a wide range of local residents and businesses and comprises an audit of resources (e.g. potential rest centres, chainsaw operators, electricity generator availability, alternative communications, etc) and a list of high risk locations and vulnerable residents and how these would be best safeguarded.


Do you remember the Great Storm of 1987? 

It could happen again.



Who is involved already?

The current membership of the steering group is:

  • Jo Vos (KCC Community Warden)
  • Mike Pearson (ex Town Councillor)
  • Piers Carey (farm manager)
  • Roger Finniss (ex Town Councillor)
  • Jerry Newson (Zion Baptist minister)
  • Emma Hannett (Town Councillor)
  • Jonathan Slegg (KCC Volunteer Support Warden)
  • Justin Nelson (Town Councillor)
  • advised and assisted by Laurel Niven (Ashford Borough Council Resilience & Events Safety)
  • Phil Burgess (Town Clerk)
  • Pam Smith (Town Councillor)
  • Ken Mulholland (Town Councillor)
  • Jean Curteis (Town Councillor)
  • Richard Lusty (Town Councillor)
  • Claire Gilbert (Administrative Assistant, Town Council) 

How can you help?

Local residents and businesses can help in one or more of these ways:

  1. Join the steering group: If you feel you have skills that would be useful on the steering group, please contact us to discuss joining it.

  2. Volunteer to help in an emergency: If you have skills or equipment that would be useful in an emergency, please contact us to supply details so we can include you in the plan.

  3. Become a community liaison volunteer: A vital element in any emergency (or prospective emergency) is a network of volunteers who can liaise between the authorities and their local neighbours.  If you would like to volunteer for this role, please let us know.

  4. Ensure your own individual resilience: Download and print the handbook What should I do in an emergency? to help you and your family cope with emergencies.


Contact us to offer your help

We can be contacted through the Town Hall:

Town Hall, 24 High Street, Tenterden TN30 6AN
Tel 01580 762271
Email townhall@tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk

Do you remember the Great Storm of 1987? 

It could happen again. Click on the images

The Great storm of 1987
The Great storm of 1987
The Great storm of 1987
The Great storm of 1987
The Great storm of 1987
The Great storm of 1987
Heavy snow in 2012
Heavy snow in 2012