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TN30 Cycling Club - TN30CC

Contact details:

Ian McCormick
Email: tn30cc@gmail.com
Web: www.tenterdencycleclub.com   
Text: 07724 141115
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tn30cycleclub
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tn30cycleclub 



What are we

We are TN30CC, a cycling club in the Tenterden and St Michaels area.



The aim is to encourage people of all abilities to get on their bikes and come out on group rides around our lovely local area. To enjoy cycling, socialising, enhanced fitness and promoting weight loss.


Where do we go

In all directions, but avoiding hills and main roads wherever possible!

If you join us you may find roads you didn’t know existed.

Sunday morning gentle club rides for 2-2 ½ hrs with tea stop and back for lunch.

What don't we do

We don’t ride fast or non-stop nor do we do racing. Groups will travel at the speed of the slowest rider, and
nobody gets left behind.


Upcoming rides

Regular easy 2-2 1/2 hr rides most Sunday mornings starting at 10.00 outside the Crown pub, St Michaels. We travel at a gentle pace, enjoy a tea stop and plan to be back by lunchtime. Groups travel at the speed of the slowest rider and nobody gets left behind.

Can’t make Sundays? Other ride options available, weekdays, longer day rides, all are listed on our blog.

Not sure about keeping up or joining a group ride? We’re happy to give individual tuition and short local rides to newcomers. Please don’t be shy, email us.  If we don’t do what you want email us for a chat,
you never know, we might.

Occasionally rides may not run or be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather or other reasons. Please check our blog for full details and current information.

Any queries, email tn30cc@gmail.com

Please check on our website for current ride information www.tenterdencycleclub.com


Ride Guide

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TN30 Cycling Club

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TN30 Cycling Club

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TN30 Cycling Club

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