Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald

Lost Property

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Date Found/ Lost Item Where Found/Lost and Description
15 Apr 2016 LOST LOST in Tenterden, Friday 15th April morning gold wedding ring. Broad band with ridged pattern
31 Mar 2016 FOUND FOUND in Tenterden - a ring with coloured stones - if you are the rightful owner you will be able to describe it - metal/colour/number of stones
19 Jan 2016 FOUND FOUND a Citroen car key on the main road (A28), outside Hoop Haberdashery in Tenterden, key has a number plate tag
2 Jan 2016 LOST Please look out for a Mercedes car key LOST 2 Jan walking A28 High Halden/St Michaels/Shoreham Lane/Orchard Road/old railway track,Tenterden
8 Dec 2015 LOST LOST iphone 4, black. Dropped (by a visiting teacher staying at Kench Hill Centre) on footpath somewhere between Forstal Farm and Shrubcote
7 Dec 2015 LOST LOST car key seat with fob on key.3 house keys attached. Yellow flat keyring
5 Nov 2015 FOUND FOUND Wallet with cash, bank card and driving licence inside
22 Oct 2015 FOUND FOUND 2 keys on a Swaines of Tenterden key ring, one of the lanes near Shrubcote in Tenterden
25 Sept 2015 LOST Dark brown, slightly sparkly short sleeved bolero-style cardigan. Adult size (10-ish) Part of a bridesmaid's outfit dropped either outside the Bell in Ticehurst, or outside St Mildred's Church in Tenterden on Saturday 25th September 2015. Of sentimental value - £10 reward offered for its return.
Sat 26 Sept LOST Lost black digital camera at Thomas day, all pictures of my niece from birth to present, please if you find it the memory card is irreplaceable.
Sunday 3 Aug 2015 LOST LOST Sunday 23rd August in TENTERDEN. Two charms on a gold necklace inside a mesh drawstring bag.  The charms were of a BELL and a DOG (Spaniel) and was given to me on my wedding day a week ago in memory of my Spaniel whom I lost to a brain tumour a few weeks leading up to my wedding. 
Sunday 5 July LOST Lost a pair of glasses "Think I left them on the public bench just outside The White Lion public house" In a brown metal case Reward given
Friday 19 June FOUND Large key found on Tenterden Recreation Ground early morning https://twitter.com/TenterdenTown/status/611862435360804864
Sunday 7 June LOST Lost Fatface purse, purple. Contains cash, cards, photos. "Would love to have it back and photos"
6 June LOST Lost large black Gucci purse somewhere in town this morning. Contains cards and driving licence and about a fiver in cash. Don't care about the contents but desperate to get the purse and the photos inside back as they have great sentimental value. Can anyone help?
5 June 2015 LOST Lost fob for a BMW on Friday 5 June, evening, at Station Road Car Park
18 May 2015 LOST LOST Folding car keys in black housing with three black buttons and one silver button on one side approx. 2.5" x 1.25" lost on Monday 18th. May either be in Tesco car park or the High Street
18 April 2015 LOST LOST on Saturday 18th April 2015 in Tenterden (somewhere between the Baker's stall and Hoop) a gold hinged bangle with screw heads.  Great sentimental value
18 Mar 2015 LOST LOST pair of ray burn sunglasses in a brown case  ( prescription ) brown lenses Reward offered. Around town centre - St Benets Way
22 Feb 2015 FOUND Key FOUND near Westwell Court, looks like a front door key, key fob from Cornwall, please enquire at the Tenterden Gateway
1 Feb 2015 LOST LOST Omega Speedmmaster Professional 'Moon' limited edition with crystal back. Lost somewhere between Waitrose car park and the Honeymoon Chinese Restaurant
28 Jan 2015 LOST Diary LOST (blue, Girlguiding Diary 2015) lost in Tenterden Wed 28th Jan about lunchtime, in the vicinity of the play area, public toilet and Waitrose car park
15 Jan 2015 FOUND Set of keys FOUND in Recreation Ground Road about 4:45pm today (Thursday)
16Sept 2014 LOST LOST in the High Street, during Lunchtime, Lady's Reading Glasses in a spectacle case, much needed
2 Sept 2014 LOST LOST Razor Scooters, one blue, one green, in the High Street/Leisure Centre, for picture see here www.tenterdentown.co.uk/download_file/3793/166 forum post www.tenterdentown.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2605 
10 July 2014 FOUND FOUND Waitrose this morning at around 10.45 am man's gold wedding ring. Please contact Waitrose customer services
8 July 2014 LOST LOST: silver watch - Rotary make somewhere between Tenterden Leisure Centre car park and Tenterden Town Hall on Tuesday 8th July.  Sentimental value
5 July 2014 LOST LOST between Homewood School and Jenners Electrical shop. Gold framed sun glasses (Prescriptive) 
3 July 2014 FOUND FOUND outside NatWest Tenterden a carrier bag containing soft toy and shimmer 'n sparkle bracelet makers
24 June 2014 LOST LOST 6 cards. An expired UK driving license, a New Zealand driving license, an expired UK HSBC cashcard. A New Zealand Bank card (Westpac Bank), a Flybuys Card and a New Zealand AT public transport card. All were lost together, possibly in Tenterden
8 June 2014 LOST LOST Between the car park and Waitrose, Tenterden, Sunday morning around 10.30am. Engagement ring of great sentimental value. If you have any information please either contact Ashford Police or call 07873 579581
2 May 2014 LOST LOST - Car key. Possibly lost in Oaks Road/Recreation Ground/Football field
26 Apr 2014 LOST White iPhone 5s either in the Tenterden playground or on the way / in the car park opposite Ivy Court Surgery. White with birds / flowers Cath Kidson cover
9 April 2014 LOST LOST Black wallet (with ID card) and black iPhone 5S lost in Recreation Ground area, Tenterden, 9 April 2014 c.2.30pm FOUND returned to owner
17 Mar 2014 LOST LOST set of keys lost while person out running, Shrubcote, Oaks Road, Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden 
14 Mar 2014 LOST LOST Gents small leather bag with wallet, keys etc, lost along Tenterden to Biddenden road (left on top of car)
13 Mar 2014 LOST LOST 1 x ford car key, 1 x yale type door key, both on a keyring with a Chrome Monkey fob. Lost Thursday afternoon (13 March) about 2.30pm, possibly by the bus stop opposite the Town Hall. Shops/areas visited: Sayers Lane, Cancer Research, Factory Shop
24 Feb 2014  FOUND FOUND A bunch of car and garage keys were found outside Hoop Haberdashery, 92 High Street, Tenterden ... please contact the shop if you think they might be yours. RE-UNITED WITH OWNER thank you Hoop Haberdashery
20 Feb 2014 LOST LOST Gold signet ring lost thurs 20th Feb 2014, in Tenterden, probably within the High Street area, engraved with REH initials. Reward available.
7 Nov 2013 FOUND FOUND Yale Front Door Key and Mortice lock key on a plastic key fob outside Tenterden Gateway
~ 7 Nov 2013 FOUND FOUND A gold coloured Seiko ladies watch outside Tenterden Gateway  
30 Oct 2013 FOUND FOUND Glasses found on Tenterden Recreation Ground http://t.co/kHXNzNnySS
10 Oct 2013 LOST LOST Boys black Nike velcro wallet lost on 10th October 2013, Homewood school pupil, Kent Freedom pass inside plus change
8 Oct 2013 LOST LOST Tenterden High Street, ladies wallet/purse containing some cash, cards, photographs, stamps; possibly lost either in ReMemories Antique Shop, or in the ladies loos at the Station Road car park.
27 June FOUND FOUND: A car key and three house keys; found in Tenterden High Street on June 27th. The keys are at Cranbrook Police Station in Wheatfield Drive  FILE CLOSED - the keys are no longer at Cranbrook Police Station
20 June 2013 LOST LOST Apple I-phone 4S in Tenterden on 20.06.2013. Police Reference number:  YY/10754/2013/L   If a phone of this description is handed in to you, please could you ring the Police on 101, quoting the above reference number, and we will contact the loser.  The loser also has the reference number, and will quote it when collecting (or inspecting) the property.
Beginning April 2013 FOUND
Birthday card and money
FOUND in Cafe Rouge Tenterden, birthday card with money inside birthday. Police reference:  YY/5995/2013/F  Resolved: RETURNED TO OWNER
3 Apr 2013 LOST
Black wallet
LOST in Waitrose car park in Tenterden, black wallet, in or  near the underground car park, near the pay meter machine at 1.30 pm on Wednesday 3 April.  Contact mail@tenterdentown.co.uk
4 Feb 2013 LOST
Gold ring
Lost in Tenterden High Street, man's red gold wedding ring. If found, please hand in to Lloyds bank
8 Jan 2013  FOUND
Black purse 
Black leather type purse with a set of keys inside found outside Caffe Nero, Tenterden around 3pm Tuesday 8th January.  The keys have an Iceland Bonus card attached and a keyring with a photo of a little girl with 'little sister' written on her top. There are 3 keys on the ring. Contact Ashford police station, Ref No: ZY-849-2013/F
3 Jan 2013 LOST
Diamond ring
Tenterden High Street. Large diamond in the middle of the ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. Lost between 11.45am-2pm somewhere between The Dental Centre, Prezzo, White Stuff, Waterstones. Great sentimental value. Contact 07795 507691
21 Dec 2012 FOUND
Door Key 
Field behind Tenterden Leisure Centre. Contact 07919 381827 with description of key and where lost
11 Dec 2012  FOUND
Car and house keys with metal key fob 
Susan's Linen Shop, Tenterden. The keys are being held at the Tenterden Gateway
30 Nov 2012 FOUND
Ladies Gold Watch 
Tenterden High Street, outside Moshulu Shoe Shop. Contact mail@tenterdentown.co.uk